I have a dream that one day all information pertaining to every person will be the property and asset of that person and that this asset will create passive income for that person. I dream that this information will enable products and services to find the person when, where and at the price at which it is wanted by that person.

Information manifesto © Jake Vosloo 2008

Inforex speaks to the ideal of an Information [Foreign] Exchange, a place where information is traded to the financial and otherwise benefit of both the trader and the owner of the information. 
© Jake Vosloo 2011

Just like the information age has brought about many positive changes for society, the personal information age will bring about many benefits for society by empowering each individual to be a wealthier and better informed person. The personal information age will improve mass customization of products and services until one day each product and service is perfectly matched to the wants and needs of each consumer. 
© Jake Vosloo 2016