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Enterprise Architect vs. Executives

posted Aug 16, 2011, 1:56 PM by Jake Vosloo   [ updated Aug 16, 2011, 2:45 PM ]
If the definition of chief Enterprise Architect is to architect / design the enterprise and it's strategy then it sounds a lot like the definition of CEO.  To resolve this conflict the chief enterprise architect should be responsible for defining and documenting rather than design and strategy.  Also the chief enterprise architect should take on the role of auditor, accountant and policeman while the chief executive officer is responsible for deciding on a design and strategy to implement.  This is similar to a building architect who draws a picture based on the house owner's requirements.  The architect then presents a few alternative pictures to the house owner who picks one of them.  The house owner then contracts the builders to build according to the architecture he has chosen (according to engineering specifications).  Therefore the chief enterprise architect should report to the board and not the CEO because he is the draftsman and the CEO is the builder at the strategic level of organisational managment.

Organisational management planning levels:
  • Ownership
    • Strategic planning
      • Tactical planning
        • Operational planning

The architecture vs. execution organisational structure can be defined as follows:
  • Board / Shareholders
    • Chief Executive Officer
      • Chief Financial Officer
      • Chief Operating Officer
      • Chief Information Officer
    • Chief Enterprise Architect
      • Chief Financial Auditor / Architect
      • Chief Business Analyst / Architect
      • Chief Information Architect
        • Solution Architect
        • Data Architect
        • Systems Architect